Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Milani Brilliant In Blue & Sparkling Blue :D

Good morning!!

I was lucky enough to have some sweet friends in the US who picked up most of the Milani Back To Colors (?) polishes for me. Brilliant In Blue is the first one I tried, and I love it! It's a bright blue creme, not neon and not sky blue. Please excuse the patched up index finger... didn't survive the morning practice ;-)

And here is it's matching holo glitter, Sparkling Blue. I just added 2 coats on top of BIB, but it's opaque on its own as well. As the base of SB is a creme, the glitter doesn't show as much as in the bottle, but I really like it that way!

Enjoy and have a great day! :D


Lucy said...

Very pretty blue on you. Sparkling nails always look lovely.

Paige said...

That is a stunning blue; it looks great on you!

Miss Yaya said...

the blue looks great!