Sunday, September 20, 2009

SH Xtreme Wears :D

Good evening!

Here's one of the newish (to me!) Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear cremes I picked up at Walmart last week. Green With Envy is a perfect apple green creme (or wasabi apparently) :D It was completely opaque and even in 3 thin coats.

And with a cute fishnet from Konad plate M57 in Konad White polish.

And here's another one of the cremes I picked up, Mellow Yellow. This one is a very smooth bright yellow creme that's not quite neon, and was also opaque and even in 3 thin coats!

And with a houndstooth pattern from Konad plate M63 in Konad Black polish. This was my very first time using this pattern, and it resulted in one of my all-time favorites konadicures!!

Enjoy and have a great week! :D


Paige said...

I love the color of that green one, I think that it looks more like wasabi than an apple.

Mad'moiselle Cé said...

Très sympa ce petit vert façon "pomme acidulée" :)

Sanna said...

You wear these colors so good! Looks awesome:)

Lauren said...

Woah!! I love the colors and your Konading is utterly flawless!! Can you teach me how to be that awesome, please?! :D

Nicole said...

Ooh, I love this line, they have some fantastic colors! Your konads are super cute over them!

Lucy said...

Love both of your manicures. I have both of these polishes and I love this brand of Sally Hansen. They look gorgeous. Now the Konading is amazing. I love the first one, it's really pretty. This houndstooth is magnificent!! Now I know what to do with my polishes. I have to get that plate with the houndstooth. Beautiful manicures.

Denise said...

I love your creative energy!

Ilana Mendonça said...

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Michelle said...

Thanks everyone!! I'm so happy many more companies are doing pretty bright cremes :D