Monday, September 7, 2009

NFU Oh #65 :D

Good evening!

Here is another NFU Oh I finally dug up to wear, #65. It is a super smooth light blue holo that looks truly spectacular in sunlight, but I am still unsure of whether I like it in other lighting... It's so smooth it almost looks frosty when the holo disappears :/ It also was a real PITA to apply, and I needed 3-4 very thin coats to finally get it opaque and even. For these holos, you need to let your base coat dry completely, and then wait longer between the coats to avoid cuticle drag and bald spots, and also let it dry before applying the top coat.

And here is a cute hearts french tip from image plate M73 in Princess Deep Jungle polish.

Enjoy and have a great evening! :D


rinni said...

Pretty! I love these holos! (I have 61.) It looks good with the Konad! I found mine bad for bald spots, too, though. I did discover something though, if you honestly just glob it on - even if it is all lumpy when it's wet - it dries perfectly flat and smooth. I gave up trying to apply it like regular nail polish and it's much easier this way. The second coat just erases the first otherwise.

Michelle said...

Oh good to know! I'll give that method a try when I wear my other ones, although it'll be hard as I always use super thin coats! ;-)TY!

Paige said...

That is a stunning hollow!

Lucy said...

I love this holo and all holos! Just so shiny and bright. Those hearts are really sweet. I've never seen this Konad either. Pretty.

rinni said...

Oops, sorry, delayed reply but you're welcome, hope it works for you too and I don't just have a fluke bottle or something!