Friday, September 11, 2009

FF Teeny Bikini Pink :D

Good evening!!

Here's another pretty neon for tonight, Funky Fingers Teeny Bikini Pink :D Like many of the FF colors, this is the exact same as Color Club Electro Candy and I love it just as much! It's a really bright pink with aqua shimmer.

And here is my attempt at making konad flames using image plate M63 and Konad Black polish. I love it so much!

Enjoy and have a great evening! :D


Paige said...

That is a really fun color, and I love the Konad you put on it!

awesomevegan said...

I love that Konad design. Yet another plate I don't have which is kind of surprising since I have like 50 of them LOL. Seems like the bloggers keep picking ones I don't have LOL. Oh well, time to add to my wishlist :)

Lucy said...

I've never heard of this brand of polish. Very pretty pink on you. I also haven't seen this Konad either. At first I thought they were eyelashes. By a stretch you can imagine it! Very cute.

Kat said...

Sooo cuuute!