Saturday, July 31, 2010

New update :D

Hi everyone!

Yes I am still alive lol... I've had quite the summer up to now! I broke up my 7-year relationship in June and found a new place to move into on July 1, so since then I've been super busy getting my stuff organized. I've also had my surgery scheduled for Aug 12 so I've just finished painting my new apartment while I have use of both my shoulders ;-) Still no swimming, but I did compete in my first sprint triathlon a few weeks ago, and I'm doing another one next weekend right before my surgery! I also had a blast cheering for friends at the Lake Placid Ironman last weekend and I've decided when I stop swimming that's what my goal will be :D Yep I'm intense!

I've worn polish I think once or twice since April... last time I put on a pretty pink neon but it just felt weird so I guess I'm not really back into it yet :/ Maybe that will come now that I'm more settled down? I haven't bought a polish since the CC neons last winter/spring I think!

Anyways, hope everyone is enjoying their summer (for those of us on this side of the world!)! :D