Saturday, April 27, 2013

ChG Aquadelic and Essie Butler Please :D :D

Good morning!

Been up since 2:30 this morning even though it's my one weekend to sleep between school blocks :/ Here's ChG Aquadelic, a fantastic brightish aqua blue :D Application was very smooth in 3 thin coats... Love it!!

ChG Aquadelic

Cheeky plate Ch14 in Konad White polish.. :D

ChG Aquadelic (CH14)

Essie Butler Please, a great brightish blue that sometimes looks neon and sometimes looks more muted. It's not as bright as CC Bright Night but sometimes close :) 3 thin coats.

Essie Butler Please

Cheeky plate CH5 in Konad White :D

Essie Butler Please (CH5)

Enjoy and have a great day! :D

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

OPI Mod About You :D :D

Good evening!!

I wore this mani for an entire week last week and just changed color on Sunday with no chipping and barely visible tip wear :D MAY has always been a favorite of mine and that hasn't changed!! 3 thin coats stamped with ChG Designed Satin and Cheeky plate CH12... Can I say how much I love delicate stamps like that?? :D

OPI Mod About You (CH12)

Enjoy and have a great evening!! :D

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Small sale :D

Good afternoon!

You just knew it was coming... I'm purging a bit again! Wish I could get rid of more but not this time it seems... All polishes are either brand new, have been swatched 1x or worn 1x only. As usual, shipping depends on weight: to the US, 3 bottles is around $8, 4-6 or 7 bottles around $11. Sorry, can't help the rates :/ Sale can be found here.

Please contact me if interested, I'm always open to offers :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

CC Abyss :D

Good afternoon!

As I'm diagnosing myself as suffering from a mood disorder induced by the studying of psychiatry, here's another of the newest CC colors from spring 2013. Abyss is a very pretty green, and it's sadly a bit washed out in the pics. Application was perfect in 2 thin coats just like Bright Night from the same collex.

CC Abyss

Stamped in Konad White with Cheeky plate CH16 :D

CC Abyss CH16

Enjoy and have a great day! :D

Thursday, March 28, 2013

CC Bright Night :D :D :D :D :D

Good afternoon!

What to say about CC Bright Night, one of CC's spring 2013 colors... Well there's the fact it's the MOST AWESOMEST BLUE polish I've ever seen?!? Seriously, it's absolutely amazing. Perfect formula opaque in 2 thin coats, fantastic wear. Only negative is that I'm now on day 5 and I still don't want to remove it to change! ;-) ♥ ♥ ♥

CC Bright Night

And here's possibly my favorite stamping ever, CC Bright Night with a pattern from Cheeky plate CH16 in Konad White polish ♥!!!!

CC Bright Night (CH16)

Maybe tomorrow I'll have the courage to remove BN and replace it with CC Abyss ;-) In the meantime, enjoy and have a great evening!! :D

Sunday, March 24, 2013

ChG Flip Flop Fantasy :D

Good afternoon!!

Ah, now we're talking!! I remember swatching FFF a couple years ago when I first received it but I had never used it for a full mani before. It is so totally awesome!! Definitely one of the brightest neons I own (I know right?). Application is a tad tricky and it's not completely opaque in 3 thin coats on my nails, but with a nice TC it levels off pretty nicely :) It's extremely hard to photograph accurately though because it just kills my camera!

ChG Flip Flop Fantasy

Here's FFF stamped with a pattern from Cheeky plate CH16 in Konad Black - love that plate!! :D

ChG Flip Flop Fantasy (CH16)

Enjoy and have a great evening!! :D

Saturday, March 23, 2013

ChG Fade Into Hue :)

Good afternoon!

Quick post this afternoon.. Here's ChG Fade Into Hue from the spring 2013 Avant Garden collection. It's a pretty greyish blue creme on me, but I guess I'm just not finding it that exciting.. Application was nice in 3 thin coats.

ChG Fade Into Hue

Enjoy and have a great evening! :D

ChG Gothic Lolita :D

Good morning!!

When I ordered GL, I really wasn't sure I was going to like it.. Purple are tricky on me, especially when they lean red. However, I'm happy to report I love Gothic Lolita!! It kinda looks like the red and blue pigments aren't completely mixed together which is awesome! And the shimmer is in general pretty subtle which suits me perfectly. This is 2 coats :D

ChG Gothic Lolita

And here it is with a pattern from Gals plate GA13 in CC Worth the Risque :D

ChG Gothic Lolita (GA13)

Enjoy and have a great day!! :D

Friday, March 22, 2013

ChG Hang-Ten Toes :)

Good evening!!

Finally done with neurology after surviving today's final exam.. Why do I feel like I've learned so much material and that none of it was tested for? ;-) Anyways, here's ChG Hang-Ten Toes. It's a very pretty pink neon with blue shimmer, but somehow I think I just love cremes so much more for neons :/ Still super pretty!!

ChG Hang-Ten Toes

Enjoy and have a great weekend! :D

Sunday, March 17, 2013

CC Ultra-Astral + Starry Temptress :D

Good morning!!

Ultra-Astral is the first polish I've worn from the Starry Temptress collection I received a couple weeks ago. When I first received them, I thought I made an impulse buy I was going to regret as I love cremes so much. However, with a little bit of thinner the application was super smooth, and I ♥♥♥ it!! I used 3 thin coats of Ultra-Astral topped with 1 thinish coat of Starry Temptress and W.O.W!!! I used 1 coat of Gelous under my TC and it was perfectly smooth :D Taking it off now after 5 days because I chipped a few nails this morning, sad..

CC Ultra-Astral + Starry Temptress

Added a stamp from my new Gals plate (GA3) in Konad Black.. I just love black stamping over neons! :D

CC Ultra-Astral + Starry Temptress (GA3)

Enjoy and have a great day!! :D

Saturday, March 16, 2013

LA Girl Color Addict Sensation :D

Good afternoon!

Taking a short break from studying neuro to post and also redo my mani.. Here's 3 thin coats of LA Girl Color Addict Sensation. I picked it up on clearance from Cherry Culture a few weeks back along with a couple others and I'm really glad I did! It's a very nice bright pink with golden shimmer that really shines in sunlight :D Application was nice but it didn't like my TC and gave me some tip shrinkage :/ Can't wait to try the others from that collection!

LA Girl Color Addict Sensation

Enjoy and have a nice evening!! :D

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

CC spring 2013 presents part 2: Fiesta

Good morning!

After yesterday's Kaleidoscope collection, here's CC's second offering for this spring, the Fiesta collex! Once again, all the cremes applied like butter (where does that expression come from?) and were opaque in 2 coats except Sunrise Canyon. I love love love that collection!!! IMO that blows the ChG Avant Garden completely out of the water!! I mean look at them, bright/neon cremes in such pretty kinda unusual shades!! I love the Avant Garden colors I got, but man do I love the latest CC ones :D All quick swatches, no BC or TC.

Flamingo - yes it's that neon! It's somewhat close to MODern Pink and Lazer Pink but still different enough for me :D


Wild Cactus - awesome medium-dark green creme :D

CC Wild Cactus

Endless Summer - this one is neon as well.. I'm pretty sure it's almost identical to 220 Volts and Chelsea Girl (?) which I used to own.. So pretty! :D


Sunrise Canyon - they say it's yellow, to me it looks more like a yellowish light green creme.. Reminds me a bit of the green OPI Shrek from a couple years back.. don't think I like it on me though :/ This one is full mani with TC.

CC Sunrise Canyon

Mamba - orangeish super bright red creme :D Yes I actually like a red! Color me suprised lol..


On the Rocks - the only one I really don't care for, but it will be good for stamping with :) Opaque in 1 coat.


Enjoy and have a great day!! :D

Monday, March 11, 2013

CC spring 2013 presents part 1: Kaleidoscope :D

Good morning!!

Last week I went shopping for my birthday and visited Marshalls right before leaving Ottawa as there are none in QC... I was pretty much shocked when I happened to find 1 set each of CC's new spring collections! Part 1 will show off the Kaleidoscope collex, tomorrow I'll have the Fiesta collex!

So about that Kaleidoscope collex... All the polishes are cremes except Pearl-spective which is really nice for layering. All the cremes applied really really smoothly and all were opaque in 2 coats except Endless which took 3 thin coats (my usual). Even though some of the colors are darker, they all look so *bright*!! I initially only wanted Bright Night and Evolution but am so glad I found the set (and for cheaper too!).. I love them all except In Theory which I'm really unsure about with my skin tone...

Evolution - love love love!! It's a more turquoise CC Factory Girl :D


Bright Night - love it too! :D


Abyss - fantastic medium green creme but yet still super bright! :)


Endless - really pretty light pink creme :) Somewhat close to ChG Something Sweet.


Pearl-spective (over Bright Night):


In Theory - more salmony-peachy looking than the pic shows, and not neon! Really not sure I like it on me...


Enjoy and have a great day! :D

Sunday, March 10, 2013

CC Starry Temptress collection :)

Good morning!

I know I'm late, but I only just picked up this collection 2 weeks ago after being away for so long.. We finally had some sun for the first time in weeks so I figure I'd try them on ;-) All swatches are without TC, and all are 2 coats. I ended up adding quite a bit of thinner afterwards to Soul-ar, Space Case and Glitter Envy as they were just too thick for my thin coats! I'm not entirely sure how I feel about them... They're neons (duh!!) so I want to love them, but I'm not sure I like the "texture" especially that they don't really self-level during application... But they're neons so I can't not like them right?? ;)

Space Case (a bit lighter IRL):


Ultra-Astral - LOVE this color!

CC Ultra-Astral

You Got Soul-ar:




Glitter Envy:


Wink Wink Twinkle (wannabe): clearly this is a quality control fail.. it's missing the blue pigment to make purple but it's kinda pretty as is too!

CC Wink Wink Twinkle Wannabe

Enjoy and have a great day!! :D

Saturday, March 9, 2013

FP Pop Art Purple :D

Good evening!

Visited my parents in the last few days for March break and my birthday.. and ended up doing some pretty good hauling polish-wise! First to go on was FP Pop Art Purple. This is pretty much the same as CC Power Play (from what I remember) but applied completely opaque in just 2 thin coats! Amazing formula!! It looks more purple IRL than what the pics show but that's always a problem with cameras... It's an awesome color, I spent 2 days looking at my nails ;-)

FP Pop Art Purple

And with a geometric design from Konad plate M64 in Art Club Orchistra... ♥ it!!

FP Pop Art Purple (M64)

Enjoy and have a great evening! :D

PS: there'll be some cool posts coming about my most recent purchases ;-)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

ChG Fancy Pants :D

Good afternoon!

Another new polish, this time ChG Fancy Pants from the spring 2013 Avant Garden collection. I absolutely love it!! It's a purplish blue with magenta shimmer but I couldn't really capture it with my camera unfortunately :/ It applied super smoothly in 2 thin coat which for me is pretty much a miracle :D

ChG Fancy Pants

And here it is again stamped with Konad plate M64 in Nubar Lavender ♥

ChG Fancy Pants (M64)

Went shopping with my mom for my birthday and picked up a couple of FingerPaints neons yesterday.. Can't wait to try them out along with my CC Starry Temptress collex that arrived last Monday!

Enjoy and have a great evening! :D

Sunday, March 3, 2013

ChG Flirty Tankini :D

Good afternoon!

Taking a short break from reading on Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders to show you another new addition to my growing-again collection.. I was actually really disappointed when I unpacked Flirty Tankini last week. It looked so pink and bright in pics but here it was looking like a muddy coral, and god knows corals don't play well with my skin except neon ones :( I swatched it quickly yesterday and still didn't really feel it, I think I just don't like the finish that much... So I decided to try it on for real to prove me wrong. As I was still underwhelmed, I added a black houndstooth pattern and already it was much better. Then today the sun finally decided to come out and WOW! It finally looks like what I was expecting!! A bright pinky coral! So happy now :D

So here it is, smooth application in 3 thin coats topped with Konad plate M63 in Konad Black polish :D

ChG Flirty Tankini (M63)

Isn't it pretty? It has a slight shimmer that's not really that visible so it's almost a creme which I like :D Enjoy and have a great day!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

ChG Keep Calm, Paint On :D

Good afternoon!

Just started March break today... and my school todo list is already a mile long!! It's much more of a "break" than a break ;-)

Here's one of my newest arrivals, ChG Keep Calm, Paint On. It's a really nice slightly shimmery light green, and it applied smoothly in 3 thin coats as usual. Pictures were taken in the shade unfortunately as I haven't seen sun in over a week now :/

ChG Keep Calm Paint On

Added a pattern from Konad plate M78 in Konad White polish.. Pattern is nice but I'm not really digging the combo that much...

ChG Keep Calm Paint On (M78)

Enjoy and have a great weekend! :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

CC Blue-Ming + PS Twinkling Lights :D

Good morning!

I have some time this morning before catching my bus to get to the hospital so quick post! This is 3 thin coats of CC Blue-Ming at day #5 of wear topped with 1 thin coat of PS Twinkling Lights. Everyone knows I'm more of a creme girl, but this combo is totally awesome! Couldn't stop looking at my nails! ;-) Very good application as well.

CC Blue-Ming + PS Twinkling Lights

Enjoy and have a great day! :D

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Latest 4 NOTDs.. 1 failure and 3 huge hits! :D

Good evening!

Well, we could say I've tumbled back down the rabbit hole that is the polish world... I'm waiting on a few (many) pretties in the mail including ChG pastels and neons I missed out on in the last 2-3 years! I'm also getting some new Gals stamping plates and pondering another order to get the CC Starry Temptress collex (hey, they're neons!!) ;-) I'm especially happy that my nails are starting to look a little nicer as I don't pick at them as much when they're painted!

Now moving on to some NOTDs from this past week...

First up, OPI You're Such A Budapest topped with Colorama Sonic Sunset. I totally loved the overall effect!! It made the purple just a little bit more muted with flakies :D

OPI You're Such A Budapest + Colorama Sonic Sunset

Next, Lollipop Queen topped with Disco Queen crackle. I picked up these polishes at Ardène last week and unfortunately I'm not liking the tone of the pink OR the crackle finish so goodbye! ;-) Lollipop Queen + Disco Queen

CC Blue-Ming ♥♥♥!! Picked this up at a local nail salon and it's just amazing! Neon-pastel all in one! Application was a little tricky but 3 thin coats did the job.

CC Blue-Ming

CC Blue-Ming + Konad plate M64 in Art Club Azul :D No sunny pic as it's been snowing and/or raining for the past 2 days...

CC Blue-Ming (M64)

Enjoy and have a great week!! :D

Sunday, February 17, 2013

(Maybe) making a comeback ;-)

(No one must be reading anymore hah!)

Good evening!

After almost 3 years away from my blog and the polish world, I started painting my nails again about 2 weeks ago! Being super busy with school (loving neurology right now!), I don't have time anymore to switch manis every days or two, but I decided I felt like posting pretty pics again... It might only be a post every week or two, we'll see how it goes :)

So for this comeback, here are my last 3 NOTDs... Please excuse the sad state of my nails, free edges annoy me especially without polish!

Nails Inc Satin with Konad plate M73 in ChG Re-fresh Mint - one of my favourite greens :D

Nails Inc Satin (M73)

Pretty Serious Galaxy Invader - this is one of the most amazing blue-purple duochrome I've ever worn!! It's made by a friend of mine back in Australia and so totally worth it! 3 thin coats was perfect :D

Pretty Serious Galaxy Invader

OPI You're Such a Budapest - great pastel bluish purple almost-creme :)

OPI You're Such a Budapest

Looking at my flickr stream just makes me smile so I figure I should start adding more pics now ;) Good night!