Sunday, February 24, 2013

Latest 4 NOTDs.. 1 failure and 3 huge hits! :D

Good evening!

Well, we could say I've tumbled back down the rabbit hole that is the polish world... I'm waiting on a few (many) pretties in the mail including ChG pastels and neons I missed out on in the last 2-3 years! I'm also getting some new Gals stamping plates and pondering another order to get the CC Starry Temptress collex (hey, they're neons!!) ;-) I'm especially happy that my nails are starting to look a little nicer as I don't pick at them as much when they're painted!

Now moving on to some NOTDs from this past week...

First up, OPI You're Such A Budapest topped with Colorama Sonic Sunset. I totally loved the overall effect!! It made the purple just a little bit more muted with flakies :D

OPI You're Such A Budapest + Colorama Sonic Sunset

Next, Lollipop Queen topped with Disco Queen crackle. I picked up these polishes at Ardène last week and unfortunately I'm not liking the tone of the pink OR the crackle finish so goodbye! ;-) Lollipop Queen + Disco Queen

CC Blue-Ming ♥♥♥!! Picked this up at a local nail salon and it's just amazing! Neon-pastel all in one! Application was a little tricky but 3 thin coats did the job.

CC Blue-Ming

CC Blue-Ming + Konad plate M64 in Art Club Azul :D No sunny pic as it's been snowing and/or raining for the past 2 days...

CC Blue-Ming (M64)

Enjoy and have a great week!! :D


brazenspider said...

Wow! How did I miss out on Color Club Blue Ming??? I will have to get that one. I am always on the hunt for perfect blues like that! Glad you're back!

Michelle said...

:) It's really between blue and green.. On me it's more green I think and it's in my green drawer. But it also has a lot of blue!