Friday, September 16, 2011

A quick hello...

Hi everyone!

(First off, if anyone still comes here you'll notice my (ex) blog is back to a default template design as somehow the images I was using have disappeared and I can't find them.)

I started med school 3 weeks ago and I'm already very busy with all my classes and studying as I hate being caught helpless a few days before the exams! I was planning on swimming with the varsity team this year, but in early August I subluxed my shoulder that was operated on last March so I've pretty much been doing weights and running since then. I subluxed it again last week while kicking in the water so I'm waiting to see my doc next week and my surgeon in 4 weeks. I'm really hoping it's nothing too serious, but honestly, judging by the pain I was in for 3 days I think something happened inside. What is now the question!

I still have a mountain of polishes I'd like to sell if anyone is interested as they're really just sitting in my cupboard... If I can't sell them they'll probably end up in the trash or at some old people's home :O They can be found here.

It would be easier if you can contact me at if you're interested.

Enjoy the fall!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Touching base one final time...

Hello everyone,

I know it's been forever so I figured I'd post one last time. I really enjoyed writing my blog, but the time has now come to move on to other things. Even though I still kept around 200 of my favorite polishes (yes, many many neons!), I haven't painted my nails in almost a year now so there would be no point to keep working on a nail polish blog.

I've also had a lot of stuff going on in my life, rehabbed my shoulder from last August's surgery, only to find out this past February that my left shoulder was also torn. Ended up having left shoulder surgery a month ago (surgeon said the 180 degree tear was much worse on that side), and am now slowly rehabbing this one while my other one has most likely developed tendinitis ;) Why do simple when it can be complicated? lol

I also went back to school, and now am hoping to get into med school for next fall.

So there you have it.. not much interest or time to keep doing this blog so this will be my last post. My fire sale is still going on if anyone is interested, and I won't be removing the posts or the pics on my flickr account either. I will however be moving the blog back to the free blogger URL ( shortly.

Thanks for being along for the ride while it lasted!