Friday, September 16, 2011

A quick hello...

Hi everyone!

(First off, if anyone still comes here you'll notice my (ex) blog is back to a default template design as somehow the images I was using have disappeared and I can't find them.)

I started med school 3 weeks ago and I'm already very busy with all my classes and studying as I hate being caught helpless a few days before the exams! I was planning on swimming with the varsity team this year, but in early August I subluxed my shoulder that was operated on last March so I've pretty much been doing weights and running since then. I subluxed it again last week while kicking in the water so I'm waiting to see my doc next week and my surgeon in 4 weeks. I'm really hoping it's nothing too serious, but honestly, judging by the pain I was in for 3 days I think something happened inside. What is now the question!

I still have a mountain of polishes I'd like to sell if anyone is interested as they're really just sitting in my cupboard... If I can't sell them they'll probably end up in the trash or at some old people's home :O They can be found here.

It would be easier if you can contact me at if you're interested.

Enjoy the fall!

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