Tuesday, March 12, 2013

CC spring 2013 presents part 2: Fiesta

Good morning!

After yesterday's Kaleidoscope collection, here's CC's second offering for this spring, the Fiesta collex! Once again, all the cremes applied like butter (where does that expression come from?) and were opaque in 2 coats except Sunrise Canyon. I love love love that collection!!! IMO that blows the ChG Avant Garden completely out of the water!! I mean look at them, bright/neon cremes in such pretty kinda unusual shades!! I love the Avant Garden colors I got, but man do I love the latest CC ones :D All quick swatches, no BC or TC.

Flamingo - yes it's that neon! It's somewhat close to MODern Pink and Lazer Pink but still different enough for me :D


Wild Cactus - awesome medium-dark green creme :D

CC Wild Cactus

Endless Summer - this one is neon as well.. I'm pretty sure it's almost identical to 220 Volts and Chelsea Girl (?) which I used to own.. So pretty! :D


Sunrise Canyon - they say it's yellow, to me it looks more like a yellowish light green creme.. Reminds me a bit of the green OPI Shrek from a couple years back.. don't think I like it on me though :/ This one is full mani with TC.

CC Sunrise Canyon

Mamba - orangeish super bright red creme :D Yes I actually like a red! Color me suprised lol..


On the Rocks - the only one I really don't care for, but it will be good for stamping with :) Opaque in 1 coat.


Enjoy and have a great day!! :D

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