Sunday, March 17, 2013

CC Ultra-Astral + Starry Temptress :D

Good morning!!

Ultra-Astral is the first polish I've worn from the Starry Temptress collection I received a couple weeks ago. When I first received them, I thought I made an impulse buy I was going to regret as I love cremes so much. However, with a little bit of thinner the application was super smooth, and I ♥♥♥ it!! I used 3 thin coats of Ultra-Astral topped with 1 thinish coat of Starry Temptress and W.O.W!!! I used 1 coat of Gelous under my TC and it was perfectly smooth :D Taking it off now after 5 days because I chipped a few nails this morning, sad..

CC Ultra-Astral + Starry Temptress

Added a stamp from my new Gals plate (GA3) in Konad Black.. I just love black stamping over neons! :D

CC Ultra-Astral + Starry Temptress (GA3)

Enjoy and have a great day!! :D

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