Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SH Arabian Night :-\

Good afternoon everyone!

Last night I decided to do my mani using Sally Hansen Arabian Night. I've had this color for about a year now, and every time I see the bottle I wonder why I haven't worn it yet, so I decided today was the day ;-) Unfortunately, as much as I love the color in the bottle, it just did not suit me perfectly :-( I think my skin tone might be too warm (since I'm really tanned right now possibly) to carry it as it dried way more blue than what I expected. You can see the blurple in the pic as it's taken outdoor in sunlight, but indoor it just looks off against my skin... I ended up redoing my mani this morning, and I'll show you that one (it's fantastic) later tonight!

Thanks for looking! :D


Olivia C. said...

Too bad it doesn't suit your skintone... I think it's still very pretty!

Unknown said...

I love this color! Maybe in winter this will look better.

Mad'moiselle Cé said...

C'est trop bête, c'est un coloris magnifique qui n'est plus disponible en plus :( (je l'avais demandé à une amie québécoise, et impossible de le trouver)

Si un échange te dis :p

Michelle said...

Céline - J'avoue que c'est vraiment une belle couleur, tout simplement pas la couleur parfaite pour moi ;-) Et c'est dommage, je viens tout juste d'envoyer ma bouteille à une amie Anglaise. Si jamais je le vois en magasin ici je penserai à toi.

Lucy said...

That is a pretty sparkly polish. Trying in winter is a good idea.