Monday, June 15, 2009

More neons!! :D

Good afternoon everyone!!

I'm tired of playing catch-up with my past NOTDs, so how about I just show them all to you right now in here? Continuing on my neon streak... here they are :D

First off, Essie Mini Shorts, a fabulous somewhat jellyish orange neon! Please excuse the little bubbles inbetween the color coats... I think I've finally realized they might be caused by the quick-dry top coats.

Next up is Milani Pink Pop. I picked this one up (along with Milani Juicy Glo and Electric Pink) at CVS while I was in Florida, and you'll see why right away! Unfortunately my camera refused to capture the true color, so I had to photoshop the pic slightly to get a better match.

Right after came Electric Pink which is a super hot pink that of course looks orange on my camera... Once again I tried to photoshop the color to get a better match.

And finally, here is Essie Flirty Fuchsia. I am totally loving this year's Essie neon collection, even though they don't apply very well for me ;-)

So that's it for the catching up, and I'll be back later today with today's NOTD! :D


Miss Yaya said...

ahh im in love!!

Olivia C. said...

All of these are awesome!! The last one is my favorite!! :)

Michelle said...

Thanks ladies!!

Olivia, I think my fave is Mini Shorts because it just looks so juicy in real life! But I love the others as well :)

Lucy said...

What pretty colors. Mini Shorts I really love. I'll have to get this. Glad your back to regular blogging.

Unknown said...

Wow that electric pink is stunning, your hand looks so tanned with it :)

Hope to hear from you,
Monika ♥