Friday, June 12, 2009

Massini neons swatches :D

Good evening once again!

I thought I'd do something a little different tonight just because I feel like it... so here are quick swatches (no base or top coats) of some Massini neons I just received from a friend. Most of these are dupes are very close cousins to the Color Club neons, but since I can never have enough neons well they get to stay with me!

Power Pink (3 coats) is an almost dupe of CC Lazer Pink:

Neon Pink (2 coats) is an almost dupe of CC Pink Lust:

Infusion (2 coats) is pretty close to CC Pink Rush:

Hot Fuchsia (2 coats):

Thunderbolt (2 coats, might need a 3rd one) is a dupe of CC Power Play:

Lightening Blue (3 coats) is a dupe of CC 220 Volts:

Neon Greenlight (3 coats) is a dupe of CC Lime Light:

Neon Caution (3 coats) is a dupe of CC Yell-Oh, but it doesn't need any white under to be opaque!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy!! :D


Amanda said...

I love them...especially Thunderbolt!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why are your borders not colored?
I see your natural nail..

Kaz said...

You rock the neons so well with your tan!

Unknown said...

Massini and color club are made by the same company so most of their colors are the same (some have the same names and some don't) i love them both :)

Unknown said...

i'm really diggin' the blue :)

Anonymous said...

Could you swatch the Power Pink next to CC Lazer Pink? I love the Power Pink but they don't sell Massini where I live :( The CC Lazer Pink looks like it's not really as pastel

Lina-Elvira said...

I am loving your bright polishes :D They looks soooo good on you!!

Michelle said...

Thanks everyone!!

Mimi - Yes I know which is why I was actually expecting them to all be dupes of my Color Clubs. I was surprised a few don't match! lol

Miss Yaya said...

i am in LOOOOOVe with the blue green and first pink - sorry i am so dumbfounded im not paying attention to the color names!