Sunday, November 23, 2008

My "other" side =D

Totally not nail-related, but I thought some might be interested in seeing the swimmer side of me! So here's a couple of photographic evidence I really am a swimmer (breaststroke is my best and favorite stroke, although it's also the hardest technically!).


And here are a few of the fabulous places I've been too throughout the years :D

Pierrelatte, France (1998) -- This is the D'Avignon Bridge (or what's left of it!)

Porto Rico (2005)

Izmir, Turkey (World University Games 2005)

Bangkok, Thailand (World University Games 2007)

Costa Rica (2007 and 2008)

So that's it for my other life :D And if you ever want to see what I do at school, there's a link to my home page on the right ;-)


Scrangie said...

That's hardcore! I bet you have Superman upper body strength! *jealous*

Anonymous said...

You visited my country in 2005!