Saturday, November 1, 2008

Color Dupes

Here's a list I've compiled of colors that are close enough I didn't feel the need to keep more than 1 from each set ;-) I thought this might be useful, and will try to update it with more info when I have some time.

OPI Dutch Tulips CC Regatta Red
OPI Yellin' For Watermelon
OPI Red Hot Ayers Rock
Misa Foxy & Folksy OPI Merryberry Mauve
Zoya Yasmeen MakeUp Store Lea
Misa A Little More Misa Sailor Beware
OPI You're A Pisa Work FP Model Color
Misa Ur Beautiful OPI It's Toe-Tally Summer
Nicole Virtuous Violet Milani Purple Passion
PP Parting Waves Sinful Love Nails
Revlon Tidal Wave Rimmel Green With Envy
PP Purple HEYS! Zoya Audrina
LA Girls Flare Electrify Sinful Irish Green
OPI Girls Love Pink! ChG Martini Lunch (slightly different)
Misa A Little More Zoya Morgan
OPI You're A Pisa Work CC Overboard
Misa A Little Romance OPI My Throne for a Cranberry Scone
Misa Merry Widow Misa Love Letters
Misa Kiss Me Now OPI Charged Up Cherry
OPI Black Cherry Chutney OPI Eiffel for this Color
OPI Bogota Blackberry FP What an Exhibition!
Sinful Bloody Mary OPI NYPD Beet
OPI Malaga Wine EA Franklin Ave Gusset
Misa Dreamy Purple Savvy Deep Amethyst
CC Jeweltone Blue Essie Aruba Blue
Sinful Midnight Blue

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