Thursday, March 18, 2010

Revlon Peach Petal :D

Good evening!

2 weeks ago I went shopping to the drugstore with my $55 GC, and the Revlon pastels caught my eye. I love peach polish, but they never work on my skin. Well Peach Petal is the exception! It's a slightly sheer and streaky milky stark peach pastel, and I think it totally works on my warmer skin :D I had to do 4 thin coats instead of 3, but that probably means it's a 3-coater for most of you ;-)

Enjoy and have a great evening! :D


Nicole said...

Very pretty! I'm hoping to spot this display soon, I've heard there's a mint in it, and I'm a mint fiend.

tjoyu said...

Those chalky/opaque cremes always look good on you! Can't wait to see what the Konad will be :o)

Anonymous said...

gah! hotness overload!

Paige said...

Love this color!