Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nails Inc Long Acre :D

Good evening!

Here's a weird one for the books lol, Nails Inc Long Acre. This is to me a total Shrek green creme. It's kinda ugly, yet I really like it on my skin! It applied to perfection in 3 thin coats.

And here's plate M64 in Sparitual Thunder Road :D

Enjoy and have a great evening! :D


Unknown said...

This is a gorgeous color!! Really perfect for spring - and very nicely done :)

nihrida said...

You're right, this one does look a little like Shrek. =)))

Sanna said...

I love it on you:)
very Shreky

chocaddict said...

welcome to the shreked nails club! ^^ I didn't think the greens from the Shrek collex were dupeable...turns out I was wrong

Michelle said...

chocaddict - I still I'll still buy Shrek.. you know just in case they're not completely the same ;-)

Lucy said...

I love this olive shade on you. I just love this shade of green.