Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nails Inc Pembroke Close :D

Good evening!

Here's another one of my new Nails Inc, Pembroke Close. This one is a fantastic medium purple creme and was perfectly even and smooth in 3 thin coats. The pics are in the shade so imagine the color is a touch brighter and less blue in real life ;-)

So now, what do you put over such a pretty base color without overpowering it? I went with this delicate pattern from plate M79 in Sparitual Quiet Storm and I love it :D

Enjoy and have a great evening! :D


Kaz said...

That's gorgeous Michelle! Makes me think of RBL Purple Haze. Aaack I'm such a Nails Inc ho now!

Paige said...


Susie said...

Very pretty. Love it,

Stopdidine said...

Very nice. Stopdidine

Ninou said...

It's so beautiful!!!!!
I love this colour!