Friday, December 18, 2009

SW Charming :D

Good afternoon!

Here's my first ever Street Wear, Charming. It's an amazing tealish blue glitter that made me fall in love!! This is 3 coats of Charming over 1 coat of ChG Millenium :D

And here's my first Christmas-y mani of the year, using plate M12 and ChG Millenium :D I LOVE it!!

Enjoy and have a great day!! :D


Paige said...

Very cute!

Susie said...

Love love love love love love that shade of blue and your Konading is so adorable.
Way to go,

scarlettholly said...

your konading is amazing. I've never done it before but that looks so good you're tempting me!

Unknown said...

it's beautiful - on my monitor it shows as a steely blue with no hint of teal though

Lucy said...

Very pretty shade of blue. Nice icy manicure.