Friday, January 8, 2010

China Glaze Poolside - Summer 2010!

Good afternoon!

I'm currently away on training camp in (cold) Florida, and I've been feeling pretty lazy wrt changing manis and taking pics so today I thought I'd post the promo pics for the Summer 2010 China Glaze collection that will be available next April.

"Introducing Poolside by China Glaze!

Dive into summer with these hot neon hues! No matter where you are this summer, China Glaze takes you poolside with 6 new juicy neons. Vibrant colors add bright, dare to bare deliciousness to your manicure and pedicure. Dip your toes (and fingers!) into a bolt of lightening blue, kiwi cool-ada green, poppy pinks and candy-colored citruses. Bold, brilliant polishes are the perfect accessory to any summer wardrobe!"

The Poolside Collection by China Glaze – Swim in Colour.

Pool Party - neon dark pink creme
Flip Flop Fantasy - neon coral creme
Sun Worshiper - neon tangerine creme
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini - neon yellow creme
Kiwi Cool-Ada - neon green creme
Towel Boy Toy - neon blue creme with a hint of irridesence

What do you think, don't you agree this looks like my very own collection? ;-) I don't think I've ever looked forward that much to a collection, and I'm actually most likely going to try to get my hands on the display to put on top of the Helmers!!!

Enjoy this summer preview and hopefully I'll be back soon with new pics :D


kpb said...

I really hope you're able to get a display, as this collex truly is *perfect* for you! I'm most excited about Pool Party and Flip Flop Fantasy, I think. :)

Michelle said...

I'm hoping :) The ones I'm most excited about (big surprise) are the yellow, green and blue ;)

nihrida said...

Not my favorite colors. But then again...ChG tends to surprise me often.

Michelle said...

Good for your wallet ;) I didn't buy any of the fall ChGs (let's forget about the glitters mmmk?), but the pastels and neons are coming straight to me ;-)

Charis said...

I will be looking forward to these as well! I am also very curious about the formula these will have...hopefully they will not be too streaky!

Lucy said...

This looks to be your collection for sure. Enjoy your training camp.