Sunday, August 23, 2009

Barry M Shocking Pink :D

Good evening!

I've been away at my parents' for a few days, but I'm back tonight with a fabulous bright pink NOTD, Barry M Shocking Pink :D It's such a pretty pink, and it applied like butter and wore really well too!

And here it is with some awesome Konad pattern from plate M69 in Konad White polish :D

Enjoy and have a great week! :D


Paige said...

That Konad is super cute!

Mad'moiselle Cé said...

Très girly ce rose, et avec le konad c'est juste parfait :)

Anonymous said...

Love this pink!
You know, you look like an actor from the old Degrassi series! ;)

Laurel7221 said...

Where do you get your nail polish from? How many do you have?

Michelle said...

Thanks all!

Natalie - I'm not sure I even remember that tv show LOL!

Lucy said...

That's an amazing pink. Very pretty. I knew you had to hit it with some Konad love. The swirly pattern is so cute. Looking lovely.