Monday, July 20, 2009

LA Girl Hustle :D

Good afternoon everyone!

Well I'm getting behind once again *sigh* so here's a pretty cool color I wore last week, LA Girl Hustle. It's part of the Disco Brites collection and supposedly glows under UV light, but I haven't tested that claim yet ;-) Hustle is a bright blurple creme that is unfortunately impossible to photograph accurately... this pic is only a swatch from a few weeks back w/ no base or top coat as it's the most accurate one I could get!

And I couldn't resist adding a Konad pattern on top so I chose plate M72 and Konad White polish. I love the result!

Enjoy and have a great day!! :D


Inbal said...

wow! it's a disco color no argue about that! LOL and with the konad work it looks so cool!
I have just noticed that I'm wearing nail polish very much like the one from your previous post :-) I'll post it tommorrow...

Lucy said...

Love this shade. Looks really pretty on you and love the Konad design.