Friday, January 23, 2009

Orly Charged Up, supercharged! :D

Good evening everyone!

Last night I added some Konad to my still perfect Orly Charged Up mani. Since I'm loving the color so much, I didn't want to use a pattern or color that would hide the base color too much, so I settled on this image from plate M60 with Art Club Orchistra. I'm absolutely in love with this combo! In fact, it's probably my favorite konadicure yet, and it's still wearing perfect after 4 swimming practices =O

EDIT ++ Here's my konadicure on day 3 after 10 hours in the pool, and under sunlight :D This is the best wear I've ever gotten from a polish and I'm hoping it's due to the Out the Door top coat I'm trying out!

Enjoy and have a great weekend! :D


Lina-Elvira said...

That looks so pretty :D I can't believe it still holds up after all that swimming :) Very nice indeed!

Inge said...

Gorgeous! The wear is absolutely unbelievable. I can barely take a shower without messing my mani up.

Michelle said...

TY both! I'm in awe about the wear I've been getting with Out the Door, hopefully it's not just a fluke :D