Monday, April 26, 2010

ChG Poolside Collection :D

Good evening!

This will probably be my last post for a little while pending my recovery from this Wednesday's shoulder surgery, so let's make it fun! I just received the China Glaze Poolside collection from a friend, and I have to say they are everything I was hoping they would be!! The entire collection is a huge hit with me, and it's probably my all-time favorite ChG collection :D The polishes are right on par with the Color Club neons in terms of formula and brightness, and the CCs have always been my favorite ones so hats off to ChG!

I was going to put them in order from least favorite to most, but I can't pick so here they are from the least opaque to the most opaque. The first 2 are 4 thin coats, but I suspect they would look great in 2 thin coats over white. The next 3 are 3 thin coats like I usually do, and the last one is 2 coats but I would probably still do 3 coats on a regular mani. All pics are quick swatches with no base or top coat.

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini - retina burning highlighter yellow creme.

Sun Worshiper - retina burning orange-yellow creme that looks more orange indoors and more yellow outdoors. It's a bit more orange than CC Explosive.

Kiwi Cool-ada - retina burning (feeling the theme here?) green creme, way brighter in real life.

Flip Flop Fantasy - retina burning pink-coral-orange creme, pinker in real life.

Towel Boy Toy - super bright blue shimmer.

Pool Party - retina searing pink creme.

Enjoy and have a great week! :D


Nixxy said...

Argh! My eyes! My eyes! You could land a plane at night with those things!
Good luck with the surgery, hon! :D

nihrida said...

I know how much you like neons and bright colors, so I was really interested in your opinion about these polishes. =)
I'm not a huge neon lover, but I have to agree these are kick-ass shades and the formula is amazing (especially for neon colors).
Your swatches are great and all the colors look awesome on you. =)
Hope you recover quickly! Sending you healing vibes... :*

Unknown said...

I love these colors, and I can not wait to try them!

JackieA said...

Very groovy colors! Hope all goes well with the surgery.

Marce said...

Those are *bright*! Thanks for the swatches!

Sanna said...

Loves Pool Party. You rock them all. And for the surgery, I wish you the best!

Caz said...

Ahh, just as I've gathered up a good collecrtion of pastels, I start wanting neons! I need them!

milan and vanaily said...

Oi, I've been looking for flip flop fantasy for some time now! Last time I saw it, there was only 1 bottle and I knew my friend wanted it more.

Must find it!