Friday, December 5, 2008

Nubar Hot Blue ★★★★☆

Just received some new Nubar neons last week from sparkling*nails on eBay, and this is the first one I try. I'm really digging these polishes! This one is a bright (not quite neon imo) aqua blue that's just a little too green on me to make it a perfect blue. And it applied flawlessly in 3 very thin coats! I can't wait to try the others I got :D

And now here it is with NFU Oh #49 added on top. I love this NFU! It's got pink-green-gold-orange flakies :D This pic is day #3!!

Enjoy and have a great day! :D


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful color, very calming but this fun and colorful! I'm expecting my 1st Nubars from the same seller too, yay!

Anonymous said...

That's just lovely!
And the Nfu-Oh brings it to another level, I have yet to stash any of those but I have a growing list of lemmings. I care for my nails the way you do, giving them another coat when needed to make the polish look fresh the whole week, sometimes a touch-up with the same colour, sometimes a little bling to perk it up :-)

Michelle said...

Thank you!!

I love using my Konad or NFU's to refresh a mani, but mine usually only last 2 days at most... Too many other colors i want to try ;-)